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Lighting Trends That You Have To Hear About For 2018

We have already celebrated New Year’s Day 2018, and this is the time when design trends come out. Lighting is one of these trends that have made their mark and are here to stay. There are five trends that will be ahead of all the others during 2018.


The modern day trend is to go in for minimal consumption and those who are so inclined will find that the design ideas in this niche can be quite pleasing, aesthetically, and will feel that “less is more”. The Ladies and Gentlemen Studio has an Aura Pendant light that represents this concept perfectly. It is made up of a pair of just two components, which are the metal ring and the socket that are made from copper or brass, and this results in a design that is simple and dynamic.



Bright Jewel Tone Colors

Pastel colors have been the favorite over the past few years, and it is only right that the focus now has to swing to the opposite side, towards bright jewel tones. Esque Studio has a Single Pendant Light that is a Justin Parker design, that is made from handblown glass and with shades that are not more than 8″ in diameter but yet manage to pack a bold and modern punch with its color block design.



Dramatic Statement Chandeliers

You are not likely to see the traditional chandeliers in the candle style in every home, even though they continue to be in demand. An option that will be well recognized, comes from Gabriel Scott with its dramatic fixture, the Harlow Large Chandelier. This piece is asymmetrical but is dramatic and a work of art with its sculpture, that can give enjoyment to everyone, while providing eye-catching light.




Design at times tends to be serious, but this is slowly giving ground to playfulness, and the seriousness is on the wane. It has encouraged people to be comfortable with lighting designs that are unique and eccentric and even made them proud to have them in their homes. The Bolt LED Wall Sconce that comes from hollis+morris is an example of this trend of design, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but helps you to move away from the traditional with a light that can turn into a conversation piece.



You do not have to choose a light because of its ability to light up a room. The illumination can just be part of the product, while the fixture can be a work of art that is a sculpture. Roll and Hill have a sconce, the Stella Hexagon, with a design by Rosie Li that is an object of wall art, as its diffuser with half-mirrored glass creates geometric shapes in a series.